Paving Industry / Street Hardware

DownloadJ. Thomas LTD. Street Hardware Brochure 2017

Trash Rack

J. Thomas, LTD - Trash Grate

Water Valve Box Riser

J. Thomas, LTD - Catch Basin Riser Ring

Catch Basin Riser Frame

J. Thomas, LTD - Catch Basin Riser


J. Thomas, LTD. - Scupper

Tree Grate Frame

J. Thomas, LTD - Tree Grate


Trench Frame

J. Thomas, LTD. - Trench Frame


Catch Basin EPA Safety Bar

J. Thomas, LTD. - Catch Basin EPA Safety Bar

The Catch Basin EPA Safety Bar is designed to block trash and other debris from entering the storm water runoff system and making its way to local waterways.

The safety bar also provides a written notice to prevent waste dumping into the system.

Paving / Street Hardware

Guard for street catch basins to keep debris from entering the waterways

Hot Rolled Steel

Facility Equipment Used:
CNC Plasma Cutter, Vertical Machining Center (VMC), Saw and Brake Press,  Welder

J. Thomas, LTD. Process:
Make all components, machining and welding