Manhole Riser Rings

J. Thomas, LTD. produces quality Manhole Riser Rings while supplying customers nationwide for over 20 years.
Current state certifications: PENNDOT, NY DOT and MD DOT approved.

J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring

The advantages of using JTL hot-rolled steel extension rings and frames:
Save Time and Money
You no longer have to raise manhole or catch basin frames.
In a matter of minutes, one man can drop in our extension ring or frame, adjust it and replace the cover.
It’s as simple as that!


Download the brochure and measuring form:
J. Thomas LTD. Street Hardware Brochure 2017
J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring Measurement Form

  • Lightweight and Easy To Install
  • Unparalleled quality 3/4″ Stainless Steel turnbuckle
  • Adjustable for tight fit and close tolerance
  • Heavy duty hot-rolled steel for long life
  • Better wear characteristics
  • Various designs to meet all street situations

Fabricated Steel Specifications

  • Our standard is ASTM 36 H.R. steel. Other grades are available.
  • There are no inclusions or slag.
  • All welding to AWS D 1.1 specifications.

Raising Manholes and Catch Basins
Compare: Using the JTL hot-rolled steel extension ring to the alternative method. Why spend extra money and time using the “build-up” or “brick-up” method on your paving projects?
This method requires:

  • A work crew and air compressor
  • Possibly a backhoe and truck
  • Numerous hand tools, bricks and mortar, or concrete
  • Plus the need to often reroute traffic for days

J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring Installation

It takes only minutes for one man with a wrench to install a J. Thomas, Ltd. extension ring.

A single turnbuckle with a ¾” stainless steel bolt is the only adjustment.

No need to remove the existing manhole frame from its embedded position.


J. Thomas, LTD. - Measure Frame OD


Quick measurements for custom rings
J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring Measurement Form


Watch The Video: How To Measure A Manhole Riser Ring


J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring Replacement
Our rings are dropped into place the same day the paver is in operation – reducing the need to reroute traffic.

Watch The Video: Manhole Riser Ring Installation


Manhole Riser Ring Comparison

Quality and Durability are the hallmarks of J. Thomas, LTD’s products.

J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring & Turnbuckle

J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring          J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring Turnbuckle

  • Hot-Rolled Steel
  • Sturdy 3/4” Stainless Steel Turnbuckle For Easy Adjustments
  • Rust / Weather Resistant Coating
  • Stacks / Stores Neatly Without Warping
  • Standard, Non-Standard, and Adjustable Rings Available

Other Riser Rings & Turnbuckles

AHP Manhole Riser Ring         AHP Manhole Riser Ring 4

EJ Ring          EJ Ring 1

DOWNLOAD:      J. Thomas LTD. Street Hardware Brochure 2017

DOWNLOAD:      J. Thomas, LTD. Manhole Riser Ring Measurement Form

Contact J. Thomas, LTD. to discuss your application:

Phone: (717) 397-3483

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