Manhole Riser Ring Testimonial: Westminster, MD Utility Maintenance Department

The riser ring that you provided us with was made much more durable and solid than what we were using before. Also the ease of installation was amazing. We were able to install the ring in less time than it took us to remove the manhole cover.

JTL Westminster MD Replacement Ring

The rings we used before had set screws to hold the ring in place once you opened the ring up with the separator nut. I was a bit unsure when I first saw that yours didn’t because, with the old type the separator did not hold the ring in place. The separator nut on your ring does hold the ring in place and there is no need for the set screws. It’s also nice that you have one nut to worry about turning. The old rings had two nuts to separate the ring and they were two different sizes.

I can’t see any way that we would go back to using the old riser rings again, we will be purchasing our riser rings from you in the future.

Thank you
Cory R Stouffer Sr.
Group Leader-Sewer Maintenance
Utility Maintenance Department

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